About us

Community Expectations

  • Our community had been waiting, for long time, for an decent permanent space in the West side of Montreal downtown.
  • Our community needs a common space open to all ages where we can network, meet, greet, and share happiness.
  • Our community needs an accessible Islamic learning center to seek sound knowledge in Arabic, English and French.
  • Our community needs a professional daawa service to call to Islam and to outreach to our society at large.


We aspire to establish an institution that provides leadership, charisma, and power to promote the true role of the Canadian Muslim.

With this vision, we have established Al-Madinah Center (March 2013) to serve as a corner stone in promoting all activities that reflect the Islamic identity, values, and intellectual wealth of the Islamic society.

Al-Madinah Center is our community center at the heart of downtown Montreal. It hosts a large common space, a library, a conference room, and a Quranic school. It offers also a large multi-purpose hall with facilities for social activities for our children, youth, families and elders.

In few words, it has a holistic approach to educate, to pray, to play, to socialize, to integrate and to unite our Muslim community.