We need you. Volunteers make a difference every day

Al-Madinah Center needs to refresh its muscles and needs new blood every year. Your contribution is highly appreciated and will not go unnoticed.

Al-Madinah Center needs your help

Al-Madinah Center volunteers drive (2016-2017)

Our whole operation depends on volunteers so far and it has been beyond outstanding for the past three years.

Some posts do not need special expertise as the volunteer will be part of a special committee. Here are the required skills and potential contributed time:

  1. Fundraising help (4-6 hours/month)
  2. WordPress skills (5 hours/month)
  3. Website content (2-4 hours/month)
  4. Graphic design (3-5 hours / month)
  5. Social media content (2 hours / week)

Some other volunteering vacancies need more experience and autonomy. Here is the list and potential contributions

  1. Zakat fund coordinator (4-6 hours/month)
  2. Financial support fund coordinator (4-6 month)
  3. Women’s activities coordinator (4-6 hours / month)
  4. Men’s activities coordinator (4-6 hours / month)
  5. Sports activities coordinator (4-6 hours/month)
  6. Kids’ activities coordinator (4-6 hours/month)
  7. Homework help coordinator (5-10 hours/month)
  8. Social support coordinator (4-6 hours / month)
  9. Handy man (5 hours / month)

We will be updating this page eventually. If you are interested, please send an email to volunteers@almadinah-center.org.

In your email, please state the following:

  1. Which position you are interested in
  2. Why you think you are a good fit for the position
  3. Attached CV or a link to your LinkedIn Profile

We appreciate your continuous support and may Allah reward you in advance for your sincere interest to help.