We have 3 openings for summer students’ job. Conditions:

  • Is currently registered as a student and will be returning to studies in Fall
  • 15 – 30 years old
  • Canadian citizen / PR / Refugee with a work permit

Open Positions

Summer camp animator

  • 6 weeks @ 30 hours / week
  • Hourly rate: $12.50
  • Start date: 2017/06/19
  • Main duties: the camp duties will be coordinated with the summer camp supervisor.

Refugee Families Services Coordinator

  • 6 weeks @ 40 hours  / week
  • Hourly rate: $15.00
  • Start date: 2017/06/01
  • Main duties: The coordinator of this service will visit some refugees’ families in downtown and surrounding areas (NDG, Cote des neiges, Pointe St Charles, Verdun) to assess their needs and link them with local resources. In addition, the main task is to organize few outings and visits for families or group of families to visit natural parks / museums. The coordinator will also seek sponsorship for light meals or snacks for kids / youth during the activities.

STEM / ICT Career Guidance

  • 6 weeks @ 30 hours / week
  • Hourly rate: $16.00
  • Start Date: 2017/06/01
  • Main duties
    • Present STEM and ICT careers to general youth in the neighborhood
    • Prepare a list of high schools and colleges where the prepared materials will be shared or presented to small groups of students
    • Setup short presentations to small groups of students to bring their attention to the importance of these emergent majors.
    • Prepare a list of colleges / universities offering programs under these two disciplines and make quick checklists for high school students to be able to apply or enroll in these programs / courses
    • Prepare social media posts promoting the importance of enrolling in these disciplines

Please submit your CV or inquiries by email only to info@almadinah-center.org

DOC: Three open vacancies for students